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UTK Surplus New Forms

UTK Surplus & Warehousing now has a new way to submit your surplus forms…Electronically. Our new forms process can be found at the following page

Directions for the new form (PLEASE READ!!)

  • Log In with your Netid, some boxes are automatically populated, however boxes not greyed out are changeable, i.e. Phone#, Cost Center Acct #.
  • Contact Phone: Please list a number we can get a hold of you while we are picking up.
  • Department Head/Surplus Designee: Net ID of your dept head or whoever is over inventory(including yourself). This person will receive an email and will have to either approve or reject this form, we do NOT receive your form until this step is completed.
  • Equipment Type: This is a drop down menu; **We can not change this and if you put on the incorrect form, we will have to reject your form and you will have to resubmit the entire form.**
    • Regular Surplus: All other surplus not mentioned below.
    • Computer/Hard Drive: All computers, laptops, tablets, hard drives, or anything that has or has had memory or hard drive in it, ONLY. NO printers, monitors, keyboard etc. **Do not combine similar items on this form. Each item must be listed individually.
    • Equipment Requiring Decontamination: Lab Equipment that should be decontaminated before surplussed.
  • Pickup Option: This is also a drop down menu;
    • Have Warehousing Pickup: Your order will be put in que for pickup
    • Deliver Equipment to Warehousing: You or someone from your department or facilities is bringing in the surplus to our warehouse.
    • Online Auctions: This is ONLY for outlying areas that list their own auctions on the UTK auction site.
  • Location of Surplus: PLEASE put room number and building name, no abbreviations of buildings or building numbers(WE DO NOT KNOW THESE)
  • Notes/Special Instructions: This is notes for the pickup guys, anything you think will help the guys to pickup more efficiently; i.e. hours of operation for your office, times you will be there, or if the item(s) are in a special location.
  • Description of Items: List each item individually unless items are similar and do not have UT Tag #’s (for example, “15 assorted chairs”). Items that are classified as sensitive or are listed on the department’s inventory with a UT tag must be listed individually.
  • Serial#: If it has one list it, if not don’t
  • UT Tag#: If it is on inventory, you need to list it here to be removed from your inventory.
  • Bought w/Federal Grant: Yes or No
  • Worth $5,000+: Only mark Yes or No if it was purchased with Grant money.
  • Works (Y/N): If you know answer, if you don’t leave blank.
  • Notes: For our pickup/warehouse personnel.
  • +: Add lines to the form for more surplus items.

**SPECIAL NOTE**If you are surplusing APPLE products, make sure your employees have signed out of their iCloud accounts on these items (this is somewhat of a security breach) these id’s will still show up even once the APPLE product has been erased and all it takes is for them to hack your password to get into your account.

PLEASE Call Holly with any questions 4-7925.