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Declaring Surplus Property

Surplus Property Procedures

Please Type Information on All Forms
To declare surplus property, complete the appropriate form Electronically, here….


The new forms can be used immediatley however are not mandatory until November 1, 2019.


Call Holly with any questions 4-7925

All pickups are on a first come/first serve basis, usually within one to two weeks.

If you are bringing in your surplus or it is being delivered to us there is a clickbox on the electronic form for you to click.

  • List each item individually unless items are similar and do not have UT Tag #’s (for example, “15 assorted chairs”).
  • Items that are classified as sensitive or are listed on the department’s inventory with a UT tag must be listed individually.
  • Use computer form ONLY for items that contain a hard drive and iPads & Tablets.
  • If you are surplusing APPLE products, make sure your employees have signed out of their iCloud accounts on these items (this is somewhat of a security breach) these id’s will still show up even once the APPLE product has been erased and all it takes is for them to hack your password to get into your account.
  • DO NOT include monitors or other computer accessories. Use a regular surplus form for these items.
  • Do not combine items, for example “5 computers”. Each item must be listed individually(one per line), hit the (+) at the end of each line to add a new one.
  • Sanitization of hard drives is now performed by Surplus Property, so leave the “Method Used” field blank, that is for our computer guy.