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Long Term Storage

Warehousing provides limited storage for university property at 2121 Stephenson Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996.

Charges are 50 cents per square foot, per month, with the minimum square footage being 36 square feet.

Single items that require more than 36 square feet cannot be accepted. Storage space at this facility is extremely limited, and only those items that require frequent access, or removal and return are accepted.

The warehouse is not climate controlled nor alarmed; so sensitive, pilferable, or special handling items are not recommended for storage. Examples of items that may be stored are: forms, publications, brochures, and telephone books.

Items that are hazardous, toxic, or dangerous will not be accepted for storage.

Short Term Storage

This type of storage is for temporary storage of university property not to exceed five business days. In situations where delivery to departments is not possible, or forklift services are required to offload the delivery truck, Warehousing may be able to provide short term storage until the department can make arrangements to have the property moved.

Again, the types of property accepted are strictly limited. The base rate for this service is $75 per truck including 2 pallets, as long as one person and one forklift are used, plus $8 per additional pallet. This rate includes loading the vehicle that takes the property to the department. Rates will vary depending upon the resources needed to offload and onload the truck.

It is strongly suggested that Warehousing be contacted before directing a truck to the warehouse. Warehousing reserves the right to refuse to accept certain loads for cause.