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Surplus Property

Where can I find surplus property forms?

Links are included on the Surplus Property site and within Fiscal Policy FI0610.

What is the difference between form S-1 and S-2?

Form S-2 is used only for computers or other items with electronic data storage media that must be sanitized(i.e. ipads, tablets, laptops, towers, servers, etc.). S-1 is used for all other items.

Explain the use of the S-3 surplus decontamination form.

Form S-3 certifies that equipment used in a laboratory environment is appropriately sanitized. For additional information, contact UT Environmental Health and Safety.

I’ve listed both computer and noncomputer items on the same form and was told to relist the computers on the S-2 form. Why?

Computers go through a different process because of the sanitization/certification procedure. Documents are also maintained in separate files for audit retrieval.

When can I expect my surplus property to be picked up?

It is rare that a date or time can be determined upon receipt of your request. Pickups are completed in the same order as requests are received.

I need my surplus property moved immediately because of renovations. How can I get this done?

To have surplus property moved immediately, complete a work order with Facilities Services.

I’ve lost my copy of the surplus document, and equipment inventory is due. Can I get a copy of my document?

Yes. Call Holly at 974-7925 to request a copy.

I think my department declared a piece of equipment as surplus, but I’m not sure. Can you verify?

Yes. Call Holly at 974-7925.


How do I find the online auction site?

There are two sites— and

What forms of payment does the university accept? Are credit cards accepted?

All sales are final. Yes, we accept Credit Cards(Visa, MC, and Discover ONLY on UTK site and CC, paypal or bank transfer through govdeals). We no longer take payments in the office.

How much time do I have to remove my purchases?

Each listing will state the removal period. Unless otherwise stated, it is normally five business days.

Will you pack and ship my items?

No. We do not provide packing and shipping services, but local services are available.

Will someone help me load my vehicle?

We will not load your vehicle, but will use whatever materials handling equipment is available to assist.

What happens if I pay for my items but cannot remove them within the removal period?

After the removal period has elapsed with no contact from you, default will be declared and title will revert to the university. There will be no refund.